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I have seen similar stories before and was deeply moved…

but I’m not this time, and somewhat feel this man is immoral/unethical!

When speaking of how their love came to be, warm tears ran down Li Kangyu’s cheeks.

According to Yan Shuying: “Apart from the physical illness, Li Kangyu is better than many other people.

Despite joint necrosis, ankylosis, and muscular atrophy, his optimistic attitude infected Yan Shuying, who lives far away in Malaysia.

If you’re already following several of these social media celebrities, you probably need no introduction as to who’s making the news these days.The main leadership event was held at the Girl Scouts of Japan’s Togakushi Centre.Placed right at the base of a beautiful mountain range, Togakushi was the perfect setting to be immersed in Japanese culture and the global sisterhood of Guiding.Li Kangyu says he particularly likes the instant noodles Yan Shuying brings from Malaysia.Though he loves noodles, Li Kangyu rarely ate such in the past because he couldn’t take care of himself [eat the noodles on his own].

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