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They stand out from a lot of charities in Africa in the sense that the organisation is 97pc African and based in Kenya.I love all the desert projects that they have and they really focus on women and children.Mena's starring roles have included American Pie, Factory Girl, Domino, Garden of Eden and Six Feet Under. I lived in several different places; I grew up in Newport, Rhode Island, and later lived in the Virgin Islands and South Carolina before moving to Los Angeles.

Having the opportunity to work on American Beauty and have it reach and touch so many people was, and still is, a great honour. I always felt that I'd been given all these amazing opportunities and I think it's just simply getting older, as we become independent and an adult, that we realise what having to work for a living entails, but money was never my main objective.

Living in different places and starting work at just seven meant that I became independent at a young age. My biggest indulgence is that I love fashion, and I do have a weakness for a beautiful, classic piece of designer art.

I was probably treated closer to an adult than a child, particularly when I was 14 and 15 and really becoming aware of what I was doing and leaving school at times to work on a show and having to make it work. Oh God, I think some of the worst things you can ever buy are cars that depreciate extremely fast.

A few years ago I went to Ethiopia and Uganda, which was amazing.

We weren't able to travel to Kenya because of political strife so it would be great to visit their headquarters and I hope to go back next year.

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Joining actress Brazilian actress Gabriela Duarte on the red carpet, the It just doesn't make sense to not look seksi at a Versace show!

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