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****No services will be held at our church building that morning.In an unprecedented move, the Lancaster bishops changed the Ordnung to allow certain Amish to use electricty for their businesses.In the end, a marriage is supposed to be instituted by God and is therefore a holy and sacred institution.The Mennonite religion states that men and women are of equal importance, although it is still a largely patriarchal society.

Our Sunday Morning Worship will be held at Woodcrest Retreat. Please bring your lawn chairs, a thermos with a drink to share, and any roasting sticks for a campfire dinner.

However, even in more liberal societies, informal marriage arrangements are still made, and couples still seek approval from their families.

One constant among various Mennonite groups is the belief that marriage is to be taken seriously as a sacred commitment made before God.

Most Mennonites believe marriage was instituted at the beginning of the human race as a part of God’s plan for humanity, and human nature is designed in such a way that a man and woman can realize complete satisfaction and happiness when they are married.

Many Mennonites believe marriage to be the most intimate of all human relationships.

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