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But when Aaron discovers the fallen doesn't have long to live, he gives in and redeems Anane, once again alerting the Powers.Refusing to run, Aaron decides to face them, even if it means his death." Vilma immediately understands ("Light Bringer" in Latin is "Lucifer").

Lucifer tells Aaron that if he redeems him, allowing him to return to Heaven to conquer the Creator, he will release his one love.On Aaron Corbett's 18th birthday, he begins exhibiting strange abilities, such as the ability to talk to his dog, Gabe, and other animals, leading to the conclusion that he is a Nephilim, the offspring of a human and an angel.Now Aaron must defend himself and his family from the Powers, warrior angels dispatched to Earth to eliminate the Nephilim "abominations", while trying to find a way to live a normal life.After a battle with the Powers, resulting in the apparent death of Ezekiel, Aaron leaves his adopted family and joins Camael in order to fulfill his destiny.A year later, Aaron is still traveling around the world with Camael and his dog Gabriel, redeeming the fallen angels he finds and striving to escape the Powers' wrath.

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Fallen is a 2006 ABC Family miniseries based on the four-book series of novels by Thomas Sniegoski The Fallen, and broken into three parts.

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