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This is a safe place spiritually for people to grow.""My family is everything to me, they are the reason I’m going back to school.

I’m a hybrid student so I take some of my classes on campus and some online, which is a great combination.

Peter, James, and John, and is described by the evangelists with striking agreements as to its main outline. Strictly Speaking, there never was a "Bible" in the Orthodox Church.

By tradition, the transfiguration took place on Mount Tabor, but many scholars prefer Mount Hermon, and some even the Mount of Olives. At least not as we commonly think of the Bible as az single volume book we can hold in our hand.

All of my instructors were well educated and informed in this area of health care and have been very excited to share their knowledge and experiences with the students.

The vision of Christ transfigured was witnessed by Ss. To answer the question posed as the title of this article, however, we must first examine what the Bible is, and then examine its various sources and translations.

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Thus, it does not mean something "handed down" something delivered.

The Greek word for Tradition, or its corresponding verb, is in a similar way used in the New Testament and applied in the same manner to the betrayal of Christ our Lord by Judas to the Jews (delivered), and to the delivery (paradosis) of Christian teaching by St. The Tradition was called "Apostolic" because it was delivered by the Apostles to the Churches which they founded.

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