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Does the Wii shop channel update for only the Wii shop channel do anything bad to the Wii, like Wii update 4.2? I haven't used my Wii in 3 yrs and I just set it up due to moving and stuff and it want me to do an update, but when I do it gives me an Error code 32007.

Not to mention the fact that I probably won't be able to play some of the new games that have come out already.Note: if you are using a USB adaptor you are pretty much out of luck.Well I'm using a wireless connection and the device is near the wii, seperated only by the tv between them.Free shipping on most orders and free same-day pick-up in store.Nintendo Wii, Video Games Target" title="Nintendo Wii, Video Games Target" / This page lists details for all system updates that have been released for the Nintendo Wii console.

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