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I'd like to be in a retreat once a year (8000 tokens, since Cb takes half). About Me Greetings, 1.) have you been to Nova Scotia? [ I studied English at the English Department of the Teachers' Training Faculty in 1995 to 1997. As long as you cover my travel expenses, I could always go back to Hfx on my own, if you'd like to fly out from Vancouver or somewhere else. The landlady lives on the 2nd floor; with her husband.] Please feel free to take as much time as you need with the response. No Hair Color Black Eye Color Brown Do you have a car? No Longest Relationship Over 10 years How ambitious are you?

I need to pay for my phone plan ( 1400 tokens, since Cb takes half). I have been learning Mandarin, German, French, Japanese, Korean and a bunch of other languages; on and off ever since 10 or more years ago. What I'm looking for I'd like to travel to Vancouver city by train ( VIA rail ) then to Asia by a cruise ship. [I intend to take VIA rail, I've never taken one before.] Would you like to try a number challenge? You can type one number or two for each of your turns, as long as they are in good order. Somewhat Ambitious Pets No Pets Second Language English Interests Martial Arts Badminton Tennis someone stole my rackets and balls Volleyball Basketball Soccer Stretches Walks/ hikes Uplifting Reading Writingand the list goes on About Lydia1.) What did you eat?

Information on Estimated Tax Estimated Tax Calculate ( Estimated Tax )Total ,036.90 ( 40,000 tokens) I really need the dough to enter the martial arts school (so that I could I have a cool employment in 4 years, upon graduation) . #feet Over the years, I have got hundreds , or thousands, of people registered with cb and one of their dimwits sent me this: You have a site warning Dear ratana__, A site administrator has sent you a warning with the following message: You have violated one of the performer rules.

Gift 1000 tokens to get a pass to this room, sealed in 2018.

I need to budget for my move to another province ( 80000 tokens, since Cb takes half). Please use me as someone you can count on in time of needs / crisis. Compassion, generosity, reliability, trustworthiness, world peace. I donate something somewhere somehow each time you gift, tyvm. I was in BC in late August 2007, I really should have stayed/ lived in BC. Unless I could secure a good constant in Hfx, or somewhere else: I've been sorting my humble belongings & papers out so that I could travel lightly to BC. 2.) If you spot a kitten out in the wild somewhere, what would you do?

I Need My Rent Paid ( 19702 tokens since Cb takes half) . Road maps, ny resolutions, vision boards, fave movies & tv shows. Hire me to ensure you / your loved ones are staying sober, staying smoke-free. Send 10x the required cost for registered mail through tokens or my link & I will ship you the clothing I have worn while I broadcast, as well as email you the respective clips. 5.) You live apart from your family member(s) / relative(s)/loved ones? I'd gladly cut /colour/scent/ perm my hair according to the style you'd like me to have, please feel free to forward me the preferred scents & styles.

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