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Achilles becomes very upset, sits by the seashore, and prays to his mother, Thetis.Achilles asks his mother to ask Zeus to bring the Greeks to the breaking point by the Trojans, so Agamemnon will realize how much the Greeks need Achilles. (2) Zeus sends a dream to Agamemnon, urging him to attack Troy.

(1) After an invocation to the Muses, the story launches in medias res towards the end of the Trojan War between the Trojans and the besieging Greeks.Odysseus confronts and beats Thersites, a common soldier who voices discontent about fighting Agamemnon's war.After a meal, the Greeks deploy in companies upon the Trojan plain.In a list similar to that for the Greeks, the poet describes the Trojans and their allies.(3) The armies approach each other, but before they meet, Paris offers to end the war by fighting a duel with Menelaus, urged by his brother and head of the Trojan army, Hector.

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