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With millions of dollars stowed away in a highly-protected bank account, the satisfied thief settles in…completely unaware that the agency she stole from has sent a specialist (played by SK) to her home!He gently sprays a sleepy gas towards Pandora and she slowly succumbs, falling into a deep sleep.In the end, Velvets retreats to the next room thinking she has completed her mission only to be surprised by one final clone.She lets this one slowly die in a rear naked choke hold as she watches in the mirror.Master Agent Jacquelyn Velvets has been tasked to do just that, stalking her students (played by Terra Mizu, Kayla Lael, Audrey Love, and Angel Lee) as they take each other on in a series of knockout contests to see who’s skills merit a pay-raise and a promotion.Her underlings perform beautifully, doing their best to take each other out…stripping downed combatants as they slumber, until a final volley of knockout attacks leaves two ladies (spoiler alert: it’s Angel and Kayla) in a position to KO, carry, (and drag) their classmates out of the room!He proceeds to have some fun as he films his two new bots, playing several freeze/KO games with the two beautiful models as we slowly pan and see the REAL Miss Velvets, completely hypnotized in the corner, successfully transformed into yet another fembot…one that’s eager to join in!One of the most traditional ways to improve and increase sex drive in women is through the use of Spanish Fly.

He dispatches her with a blow from his trusty blackjack and decides to replace her with a doppelgänger fembot he’s been working on.

This movie contains sleeping gas KO, blackjack KO, gas mask KO, choke KO, syringe KO, chloroform KO, cradle carries, over the shoulder carries, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation It’s that time again.

Time to weed out the real agents from the wannabes.

Her challenger is the tall and beautiful Jessica Nicole, who is not only lethal, but is skilled in combat and repeatedly attempts to take down her opponent with various strangulations of her own.

Agent Velvets is victorious against each clone…slowly watching each of them struggle and gasp for air as their tongues begin to fall out of the sides of their mouths.

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