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To view the top ten source countries by decade from 1960 to 2015, check out the Largest U. Immigrant Groups over Time, 1960-Present interactive tool.To see immigration trends from individual countries over time, use this MPI Data Hub tool.Informed public discussion and evidence-based policymaking require accurate, authoritative, and unbiased information. Click on the bullet points for more information on each topic: How many immigrants reside in the United States? Between 20, the foreign-born population increased by 899,000, or 2.1 percent, a slower growth rate compared to 2.5 percent between 20. How many people immigrated to the United States last year?

Race categories include both racial and national-origin groups. The share has fluctuated slightly during the past three decades; women accounted for 53 percent of immigrants in 1980, 51 percent in 1990, and 50 percent in 2000.In 2015, 29 percent (11.1 million) of the 37.7 million immigrants ages 25 and older had a bachelor's degree or higher, compared to 31 percent of native-born adults. When classified by the share of immigrants out of the total state population, the top five states in 2015 were California (27 percent), New York (23 percent), New Jersey (22 percent), Florida (20 percent), and Nevada (19 percent).Notably, the share of college-educated immigrants was much higher—48 percent—among those who entered the country between 20. Between 19, the five states with the largest absolute growth of the immigrant population were California (2.4 million), Texas (1.4 million), New York (1 million), Florida (1 million), and Illinois (577,000).Between 20, the five states with the largest percent growth* of the immigrant population were North Dakota (137 percent), Tennessee (109 percent), South Dakota (106 percent), South Carolina (101 percent), and Wyoming (96 percent).increases in the immigrant population in these states have translated into high percent growth.

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For more information on the top states of residence for the foreign born, see the interactive tool, Immigrant Population by State, 1990-Present.

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