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Do not submit until your piece is ready to be considered for publication.Rewrites, additions, deletions, or corrections are part of the editorial process, and will be suggested or initiated by the editor. Memoir, fiction, and nonfiction maximum length is 2500 words.We had contests with cash prizes in fiction, nonfiction and poetry.Below are the winners of the Bobbi La Chance Bubier Romance Contest and the Congratulations to the winning authors.

Deadlines are February 15 for the Spring/Summer issue, and August 15 for the Fall/winter issue.

As a memorial to Bobbi La Chance Bubier, the Behind Our Eyes group held a romance contest this spring.

The contest winners will be featured in the first section of this edition of .

All of our prize winning stories and poems can be found throughout this issue.

See “The Writers’ Climb” for details about our next contest, again with cash prizes.

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