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Cooke was an inventor and entrepreneur who wished to patent and commercially exploit his inventions.

Wheatstone, on the other hand, was an academic with no interest in commercial ventures.

The novelty of this use of the telegraph in crime-fighting generated a great deal of publicity and led to increased acceptance and use of the telegraph by the public.

Cooke had some ideas for building a telegraph prior to his partnership with Wheatstone and had consulted scientist Michael Faraday for expert advice.

However, much of the scientific knowledge for the model actually put into practice came from Wheatstone.

The Cooke and Wheatstone telegraph was an early electrical telegraph system dating from the 1830s invented by English inventor William Fothergill Cooke and English scientist Charles Wheatstone.

It was the first telegraph system to be put into commercial service.

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Cooke's earlier ideas for a mechanical telegraph (involving a clockwork mechanism with an electromagnetic detent) were largely abandoned.

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