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You can find on its website a very, very long list of resources that is categorized into 10 sections: Useful Links / Language Resources / Blogs / Media / Culture / Science / Government / Business and Economics / Sport / Miscellany.

There is even a link to places where you can study “Old French”, if that takes your fancy!

There is even a page dedicated to helping students who are lacking in motivation including a list of celebrities that speak French with a nice photo of Johnny Depp!

All in all, a well though out, original and up-to-date resource centre that is definitely worth a close look.

They have regional chapters and each branch has a website with resources for parents, educators and students of French.

I also wanted each one to be current for 2017, so any old sites have not been included.

I also love 3 of his articles: “How to Improve your French pronunciation” (2,000 words), “the Top 100 French songs and “25 French expressions to sound more fluent”.

The University of Oxford is famously one of the best universities in the world, and it has a very good language centre.

Lehman College in the Bronx in the United States have created a great resources page that is separated into 8 categories.

The graphics aren’t great, and a few of the sites it points to are quite old, but it’s a really good list of resources that is worth taking the time to explore.

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