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A trigger is a pl/sql block structure which is fired when a DML statements like Insert, Delete, Update is executed on a database table.A trigger is triggered automatically when an associated DML statement is executed.The following hierarchy is followed when a trigger is fired. 2) Next BEFORE row level trigger fires, once for each row affected.3) Then AFTER row level trigger fires once for each affected row.UPDATE Table1 SET (...) WHERE Column1='Some Value'IF @@ROWCOUNT=0 INSERT INTO Table1 VALUES (...) The saved table/index scan can increase performance quite a bit as the number of rows in the targeted table grows.

4) Finally the AFTER statement level trigger fires.When the table 'xyz' is updated, trigger B fires and will insert a row in table 'abc'.This cyclic situation continues and will enter into a infinite loop, which will crash the database.If we refer to the Books Online documentation, it gives examples that are similar to: IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM Table1 WHERE Column1='Some Value') UPDATE Table1 SET (...) WHERE Column1='Some Value'ELSE INSERT INTO Table1 VALUES (...) This approach does work, however it might not always be the best approach.This will do a table/index scan for both the SELECT statement and the UPDATE statement.

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