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However, Karthik later reveals his actual purpose of coming to India, as he is the son of Bhupathi's (Sampath Raj) sister, who has been staying away from her family for the past twenty-five years.

Divya's father and his three brothers abandoned their respective wives and sent them back to their house to live with their own brother (Sai Kumar), because he refused to marry Bhupathi's sister.

Idlebrain rated the film 3/5 and stated, "Pandaga Chesko is a film with good interval twist and some laughs here and there.

Plus points of the movie are performance by Ram and family orientation. This movie has commercial entertainment and family emotions.

Eventually, Karthik reunites the family who was separated for 25 years and marries Divya, bringing Pandaga (festival) for the family. Thaman composed the music for this film marking his hat-trick collaboration with Gopichand Malineni.

Despite being engaged to Anushka, Karthik goes to great extent of trying to impress Divya, including teasing and flirting.

She decides to propose Karthik for marriage as a calculated move for their business.

She also has to tie the knot with the right guy if she is to inherit her father's wealth.

However, this was a sacrifice by Sai Kumar because Bhupathi's sister herself confessed that she was in love with someone else, Karthik's father.

As it turns out, Bhupathi's sister is none other than Karthik's mother.

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