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and has been a work in progress since last year, but due to Anderson’s film The Master production was temporarily put on hold.

The visuals see Apple performing the track in front of a black background from various different angles and distances.

It’s the latest episode in a long creative relationship between the two, and it got us thinking about similar connections between directors and musicians — specifically, noted directors and the musicians who’ve served as their muses over the years. Paul Thomas Anderson: Fiona Apple Anderson isn’t exactly a prolific music video director — he’s made precisely eight over the years, five of which have been for Fiona Apple.

This makes sense, given that they dated briefly in the late 1990s, and it’s good to see that their creative connection endures even though they’re not romantically involved any longer.

Here's a peek; it's definitely worth watching on widescreen, and the exhibit lasts through next week if you happen to be in the L. I wouldn't be too surprised if they wound up taking a little Fonda and Dennis Hopper-style road trip straight out of the country in the near future.

The latest project from director Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood, Magnolia) is another video for singer/songwriter Fiona Apple.

"The reality of me being able to live a life that self-consumed or selfish, it just—it's impossible," he said.

"But it's easy to kind of place yourself, to think, God, what would it be like?

He returned home to direct the well-received short film, a coming-of-age story starring Mark Wahlberg that takes place inside the taboo world of pornography.It often seemed as if he was at war with the studios backing his films, whom he would publicly castigate for not doing enough, or with the very notion that a film, no matter how personal, eventually has to end.But as Anderson's movies have segued from the raw, confessional material of his earliest work and become more oblique, mysterious, and farther reaching, their director has accumulated a different kind of mythology. Anderson is self-taught but has nonetheless been hailed as one of the top filmmakers of his time, having been nominated for several Academy Awards.He has also directed several music videos for musician Fiona Apple.

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, and has returned to work with them on this second single.

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