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In my miniature world I realized how many thoughts go into a single day, how no one could know all of mine and I could never know anyone.

The sexual attitudes of narcissists are most peculiar- they tend to be either hyperactive sexually or hypoactive sexually.

They freely act on their impulses and desires and do not care about social conventions. They also like showing that they can break moral and sexual taboos (example: women singers kissing each other on TV shows).

, They have very shallow personalities and live for attention and admiration…

many are serial lovers, have serial marriages or have countless empty affairs.

Marriage, monogamy, and child rearing are common activities sought after by the average person.

However, the payoff at each night was getting to see Self Defense Family crush it.

Narcissists commit adultery and have extramarital affairs or liaisons for a variety of reasons including control, power, attention, increasing self-image and because narcissists get bored easily. Narcissists are unable to empathize or genuinely love another person.

They are master manipulators and know how to fake intimacy; but when their partner no longer meets their “fix” for narcissistic supply, they will drop them and abandon them with no remorse.

There is a heaviness and unease throughout that I don’t think I realized was there until we were listening to the first mixes that Will put together.

To me, it’s a song about seeing the world in another person and not knowing if its a world you could ever reach. It needed to convey the sinking feeling of seeing the plums my dad bought for my mom still sitting on the kitchen counter after we returned home from her funeral.

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