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Nor does any Praguer look twice when couples make out enthusiastically on the Metro or people stumble drunkenly off trams or pass around a joint at a park.

Laissez-faire Czechs are not easily riled - a fact some have said quickly turned the Velvet Revolution into a real estate fire sale.

heck the pulse of the most compelling transformation of the New Europe.

Once considered the capital of historical Bohemia, Prague makes buying into this whole fairy tale narrative easy.

Underlit buildings keep the haunting but magical vibe steady, while people head out to places like Karlovy Lazne, a famous five-story nightclub that boasts being the largest of its kind in Central Europe.

From spinning in cobble-stoned streets and taking in all the sights to eating fried cheese off a street cart, you’ll be living out a fantasy when you visit the Czech Republic’s capital.

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Here are 20 photos to help your daydreams of a Prague adventure take shape.

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