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It does help that the recent developments in my live have been especially fun and fulfilling.

Even if the updates are few and far between, the archives are here for others to enjoy.

And the fact that your appearance is changing so dramatically doesn’t help! Now some were actually attractive, and the idea of falling in love wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

In fact, ‘who likes whom’ became a popular topic of conversation.” While going through puberty, some young people find themselves attracted to members of the same sex.

That means there’s no need to be overly concerned if you’re nearing your mid-teens and you haven’t yet started the process Perhaps the most obvious change that comes with puberty is a growth spurt.

The problem is, not all your body parts grow at the same rate.

So don’t be surprised if you’re a bit clumsy in your movements. A number of other physical changes come with puberty.

Puberty in boys: While going through puberty, many young people also feel extremely self-conscious, as if they were being watched and judged by everyone.

Puberty in boys can start as early as age nine and as late as 15, but eventually, everyone goes through it! Hormones—the body’s chemical signals—tell your body to begin changing.

As a result, we have gotten really good at talking to our girls about what’s happening ...

We have really not done that for our boys."it's more about navigating your own body than interacting with another's — sexual intercourse is not covered.

Simply put, puberty is a stage of life that puts you on a physical and emotional fast-track to adulthood.

During this stage, your body goes through rapid physical and hormonal changes that prepare you for reproduction and childbirth. But puberty is a sign that you are leaving your childhood behindthose ages are considered to be within the normal range for the onset of puberty.

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But the fact that kids can encounter these tricky topics for in book form — not in awkward sex talks with their parents or, Google forbid, on the Internet — makes the learning process easier.

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