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In some cases even when groups harmonise it may engender social tension if the group is “too” successful (e.g.Jews Europe, and ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia) and remains (visibly) segregated from the dominant group.And although I am often hesitant to reduce human attraction to numbers in a study, I did find it interesting that when so many people are willing to make broad sweeping generalizations regarding “yellow fever,” they are less likely to reflect back on the fact that there are two people making conscious choices to be in the specific relationship.If we are going to freely psychoanalyze the mania of the white man and his so-called desire to dominate, isn’t it only fair to also recognize the role-fulfilling women who are helping complete the stereotype?

along anthropometric and socioeconomic characteristics dimensions. The black women who inter-marry are the thinner and more educated in their group; instead, white women are the fatter and less educated; black or white men who inter-marry are poorer and thinner.Given the tendency for homophily in human relations, and the large gap between the two, it will be a tough challenge for policy makers to integrate the migrants without proactive government efforts at social engineering.Ethnic enclaves and ghettos Ethnic enclaves are neighbourhoods primarily populated by persons of similar ethnic or racial backgrounds.We accept these stylized characters as truthful representations because of the absence of realistic figures in popular culture — among all women, Asians seem to be the only ones inextricably tied to an overtly sexual image.Now here we are in 2011, living in this multiethnic country and still throwing around terms like “yellow fever” and “asiaphile” whenever we see a white man with an Asian woman.

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