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Since 2002, the Gorge has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.A 17 km stretch of the Rhine forms the town’s eastern limit.

Each Ortsbezirk has its own council, whose head bears the title Ortsvorsteher.

This vista gets its name from the way in which the Rhine can be seen from here, or rather the way in which it cannot be seen: hills block out most of the view of the river itself so that visitors can only see four apparently separate patches of water, rather like four lakes.

These are all actually parts of the Rhine; there are no lakes to be seen. Boppard’s town forest is the second biggest in Rhineland-Palatinate with an area of 43.6 km².

On the other hand, the river was gaining more and more importance as a supply and trade avenue.

In the mid 3rd century, the Rhine’s right bank had to be evacuated and conceded to the Germani, thereby making the Rhine the Empire’s border once more.

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