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Also, doors are widely opened for refugees from different countries to come and live in peace, even to work here.

Egyptian young people immigrate to Europe and other developed countries looking for a good living atmosphere or more advanced educational opportunities.

This place where I live now it really is multicultural I think we have at least five or maybe ten cultures here and when the people live in peace without any problem everything is good we can share our thoughts about what we think .

And you can learn new things about how to eat something in a healthier way that you have eat before an for me is really interesting, I think in my country unfortunately there more emigration than immigration, what I heard till now they're just a few countries that they choose our country to live or to came here for work most of them I think they're Chinese I think we have one of the largest Chinese bazaar with the Chinese items and I think we have Hungarian community and a community of Bulgarian.

This project was a good thing because it was trying to show something positive about migration and integration. Derek: Because the photographer wanted to find a way to show the hopes for our future – the better life that we look towards.

Nick: But there’s a lot of shadow in that photograph, as well.

Sunny: The food, the different cultures that come in and bring their spices, their experiences and even their rituals, so you get a taste of the world within this small community. In the past, differences between communities have led to violence.

The Notting Hill Carnival celebrates this Caribbean culture. And in recent years, Eastern European citizens have arrived in search of work.

Young people whose parents or grandparents settled here have a very different experience of growing up to their parents. Sunny Grewel and his father Avinda live in Southall. Nick: What are the main arguments between the younger and older generations?

Avinda: When they were small, I wouldn’t let him wear these earrings and have a long ponytail. Nick: And what’s the best thing about living here, Sunny?

Projects like ‘Open Cities’ can bring people in the community together and give young people hope for the future.

Good afternoon, everyone Yes I was visited some countries that have different culture and it seems to be really interesting to see how people behave in different in different country and what they do what they eat what kind of rituals they have during the year it is a really really good experience.

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Many British people’s families originally come from overseas.

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