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Although there are some Russian women who live in Europe, the language and culture are very different.Romania is close culturally to Moldova, which is also a republic of the former Soviet Union. The best tip if you are dating a hot Romanian woman is to upgrade your wardrobe to a current fashionable style.Girls from Romania are rather pleased if you take it slow than worried about your not being attracted to her.Girls from more traditional countries listen a lot to what their friends and family think about a guy.We are very open minded and don't reject others based on religion or personal beliefs. We look unapproachable (probably because we like to sport the resting bitch face) but once you get to know us, we're actually very friendly and always looking for new acquaintances. We always have something to say, and are not afraid to say it (no matter the circumstance).You'll never know our next move, which means your relationship will always remain exciting. We know what it's like to come from nothing, being brought up under Communist dictatorship.We were brought up to fix things that are broken not throw it away.Therefore we will stand by you through thick and thin and will always be there in time of need.

We are defined as minx, or wild cats in the bedroom, and are not afraid to try anything new, au contraire, we enjoy it.

Our values and morals have been engrained from our grandparents to our parents, and we will do anything to keep them.

We don't play games and are very straight forward, especially when it comes to love.

Girls from Eastern Europe tend to be more traditional than women who grew up in America or countries of Western Europe.

This means she would prefer a longer courtship to a quick hook up.

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