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It’s a beautifully rendered film that will challenge your mind and heart, all while being extremely erotic," says sociologist Dr.

The cinematographer even sweetly wrapped his arm around the actress during the ride.

"I love movies with a love triangle as a key element of the plot, and Paint provides a very original twist on this: girl meets girl; girl loves girl; girl meets boy; girl seduced by boy; girl must choose between boy and girl.

In , a mature lesbian artist takes a girl with a lot of artistic promise under her wing in the studio and the bedroom.

One in three women admit to watching porn, according to a 2015 research.

It's really only been in the last five to eight years that adult studios have been targeting women and couples as consumers of adult movies and this has seen a huge increase in quality romance that would rival (and up the sexy notch, of course! Who knows porn better than those who work and live in the industry?

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