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Of course that's true for more traditional dating, but it's way easier to hide behind a computer screen and do all sorts of nefarious things.There's no reason to be scared of online dating, and most situations end up just fine, but you should definitely look out for yourself when it comes to meeting up with strangers from the Internet. We all remember from our AIM chat room days that you should never give a stranger too much information.Now's the time to meet up with this person and have your first official date. First of all, you should drive yourself and arrive separately.That way, if this person ends up being less than desirable, you can easily leave on your own accord without having an awkward (and maybe even dangerous) shared car ride home.Online dating is a great way to meet people — that's a given.But it also comes with the potential for some downright creepy situations.

Read on for what to look out for and how to stay safe! You’ve been told to be careful with online dating, but do you know why?My advice is to wait at least one week before you meet face-to-face.And, before you meet in person, move the conversation from online to phone.Whether it's in person or online, it can be tough to leave a situation when it starts to go downhill.Maybe you don't want to be rude, or you feel like you owe the other person your time. If you want to dip out of the bar, or delete their messages, go ahead and do it. It doesn't matter how charming and attractive the other person is, if the situation feels "off," it probably is.

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