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"The Cornwall-Lebanon School District has been firm in its stance that this conduct was not appropriate for a public school teacher.

The District will, however, abide by the decision of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania upholding the arbitrator’s award and returning Mr.

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Scipioni to employment.”Scipioni has expressed interest in returning to Cedar Crest High School, but issues, including back pay must still be negotiated, the district's solicitor, Tim Sheffey, said Wednesday.

Messages to the Cornwall-Lebanon Education Association were not returned.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has denied Cornwall-Lebanon School District’s request to appeal a lower court’s decision that the district erred when it fired a teacher for having sex with an 18-year-old student on the night of her graduation.

The Supreme Court’s decision to deny Cornwall-Lebanon’s appeal of the Commonwealth Court ruling puts an end to a ping-pong match of decisions and appeals dating back to 2014 when the district fired Luke "Todd" Scipioni for his affair with the former student that occurred 10 years earlier.

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According to court documents, when questioned by district officials in 2010, Scipioni denied having an inappropriate relationship with the student but admitted he had gotten “too close” to her and it had caused him “a lot of marital problems.”The affair with the student resurfaced in 2014, while Scipioni was in the midst of a divorce, when Cornwall-Lebanon School District received an anonymous phone call from someone claiming knowledge of the 2004 relationship.

After an investigation conducted by Domencic that included interviews with Scipioni, his wife and the young woman, the school board fired Scipioni in October 2014, when he was in his 18th year with the district.

Scipioni, a social studies teacher, was the coach of the Falcons girls’ basketball team in 2003-04 when the pair struck up a relationship, after she confided in him that she had been sexually abused -- a claim she later recanted.

The relationship intensified during the course of the year, until they had sex on the night of her graduation, a month after she turned 18, according to court documents.

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The arbitrator found Scipioni at fault for his failure to be truthful to district officials and for a separate issue involving inappropriate emails, but noted the district did not accuse him of having an improper relationship with the student prior to her graduation, and he was not culpable for the relationship they had after she graduated. The district appealed the ruling in Lebanon County Court of Common Pleas and won, when President Judge John C.

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