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As the French expanded their base of control, some Indian Nations simply packed up and moved, not wanting even to be near the French and their strange religion and habits.But dislocated Indians had to live somewhere, and they invariably wound up in the proximity of other Indian communities, threatening the resources of the people who were already there.(Thy Black Contrary to popular belief, African Americans are by no means a homogeneous population.

Indians always took them in and fed and housed them for weeks and even months at a time.

Most lacked the knowledge or energy required even to gather nuts and berries or to scoop up the bountiful shellfish that proliferated in the waters around the Gulf of Mexico.

Soldiers at the forts considered a good day’s work was getting drunk by noon and then talking an influential Indian into supplying women to satisfy their sexual appetites.

Hence, their children, “,” had to be Black and Native American.

For example, Jean Baptiste Pont du Sable, who founded Chicago was a Creole.

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Indians watched cautiously from a distance, out of sight of the intruders.

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