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It’s important to understand, however, that violent prejudice is not limited to the Ku Klux Klan or any other white supremacist organization.

How did the Ku Klux Klan — one of the nation’s first terrorist groups — so instantly seize the South in the aftermath of the Civil War? How could it have risen so rapidly to power in the 1920s and then so rapidly have lost that power?

I learned the importance of history at an early age — my father, the late Horace Mann Bond, taught at several black colleges and universities.

He showed me that knowing the past is critical to making sense of the present.

It established Klanwatch in 1981 to monitor white supremacist activities throughout the United States.

Together, SPLC attorneys and Klanwatch investigators have won a number of major legal battles against Klan members for crimes they committed.

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We also knew what Klansmen would do to us if they could get away with it. That’s why this special report was prepared — to show the background of the KKK and its battle with the law, and to point out the current reasons why hate groups can’t be ignored.

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