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This requirement means before you move it from where you purchased it.Q: May I discharge a firearm with in the city limits of Ash Flat?A: You will need to contact each city hall for their ordinances on that subject.Q: Am I required to have address numbers on my house or business?If the child weighs at least sixty pounds or is between six and fifteen years old, the child must wear a seat belt. A: There are certain legal specifications in tinting your vehicle’s windows in accordance with state statutes.The front driver’s side window and front passenger window tint must be at least 25% net light transmission or higher.Other Body Attachments will require the person to remain in custody until brought before the Judge who issued the order.

You may place a strip of tinting material on the windshield but it may extend only five inches down from the top.

A: No, discharging a firearm within the city limits of Ash Flat or any other city within the county is prohibited by ordinance.

Q: May I discharge fireworks within the city limits?

Q: How can I find out if there are any registered sex offenders living in my neighborhood?

A: You can check the sex offender registry by going to and clicking on sex offenders’ registry tab. A: Orders of Protection are issued by the SACS office 870 994-2551, and the location is at the Methodist Church, on Church Street, Ash Flat, across from the Ash Flat Post Office.

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These only apply to family members or members of a household.

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