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Though the trope usually involves campy behavior, such characters are also often portrayed as being so overly manly that it becomes impossible to take seriously.

These types tend to be prone to flexing and talking about how macho they are, all the while being a rather obvious gay stereotype.

This stereotype is somewhat more common in East Asian cultures (where it has become the default gay stereotype, as fashion-conscious pretty boys are more associated with heterosexuals there) than in the US, but is still seen in Western media (Ric Flair being a well-know example).

Almost always Played for Laughs, such characters are often introduced to be Plucky Comic Relief, or to hit on the straight guy who can do little to stop it.

Nadjari penned an account of his time the infamous death camp in 1944 and stuffed the 13-page manuscript into a Thermos flask, which he then buried near Crematorium III.

It didn't take long for lonely GIs and widowed or just plain young and attractive frauleins to get acquainted however.We can also surmise that his intent was probably to get beyond the talking and handshaking level. Lewis Nixon is the individual most focused-on in this episode, and we can see a maddening array of events which wreaked havoc on his psyche.The sad events connected to his liason/observer jump with the 17th ABD across the Rhine river, his pending divorce(including loss of dog), the failure to understand him by the top echelon of leaders in the 506th, his self-deprecation for not having fired his weapon in combat during the entire war, all merged, to drive his alcohol habit.But Russian historian Pavel Polian has now used digital imaging to re-create the messages and they have now been decoded for the first time.The Institute of Contemporary History in Munich published Polian's findings in German last month.'The inmates obviously discussed how many trains had arrived,' Mr Polian told the BBC.

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Nadjari died aged 53 in 1971 - nine years before his Auschwitz notes were discovered.

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