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Yes, why is it that we all want the same thing—true love—and yet, ironically, we keep ending up with the same thing: the . So I could stop dating the same person over and over (and over and over) again.It’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship, but as I look back on most of the guys I’ve dated, there are actually more things they had in common than not. So, how can you know if you also have the habit of dating the same person over and over? Meaning, just because you’ve checked out a movie with someone a few times, that doesn’t mean you two are in a relationship.Going into a relationship with someone who has a girlfriend is clearly asking for a heartbreak.If he is serious about you, he would break off all forms of contact with the present girl so that he can be with you.Initially, you may find it exciting but when he leaves you without even a glance, your heart will be shattered.My advice is to let him go if he is already taken and if he is truly yours, he’ll come back.

‘For that reason, the feeling of being in love evokes a similar response to using drugs or alcohol.

You date to find the right match, not to turn yourself into the right match.4. In retrospect, I can clearly identify early signs that my relationship was unhealthy. You can save yourself precious time and emotional turmoil when you read the signs early and make decisions accordingly.5. If your personality normally shines and suddenly you feel smaller or like your light was dimmed, check your relationship.

On some level, we all know when we are putting up with behavior that doesn’t meet our personal standards.

I was in my late thirties, and this wasn't how my life was supposed to go. I’d wake up alone in the middle of the night in my apartment and more than my biological clock was ticking — my life clock was ticking. He had about two pieces of furniture in a big house (never a good sign). I don't have to give this this ex-boyfriend one more second of my life, but I feel compelled to share my story.

Where was the wedded bliss, the kids and the family Christmas card? I hope my regret can turn into another woman’s decision day. If I could go back in time, I would have ended it a lot sooner.

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Why do we want to have Jimmy Choos and go on luxury holidays?

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