Skb single rifle hard gun case

One of the main downsides with a hard case is that they will be bulkier and heavier than a soft case.

The biggest advantages of soft rifle cases is their relatively low cost and their lightweight construction making them perfect for those of you who plan on doing a lot of long distance hunting trips.

A low end hard sided case may have a thin layer of foam that may not actually provide the level of protection that you require.

If you put your rifle inside the case, then go to pick it up after closing it, and you can feel or hear the rifle shift, you probably haven't spent enough on the rifle case.

Hard-sided rifle cases are extremely durable and offer the highest level of protection for your firearm.

Inside a hard rifle case will be some sort of foam that your rifle will actually be pressed against.

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Some soft gun cases are also waterproof which makes it a great addition to those waterfowl hunters out there.

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