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Voice over Internet Protocol, or Vo IP, separates your voice into small pieces, transmits it like an e-mail, then reconstitutes it for the person on the receiving end. tolls and fees that help make regular phone service as expensive as it is.All the big companies have already jumped into Vo IP, avoiding the F. Some say it may be too late to stop Skype from becoming the broadband Ma Bell.

Equipped with boyish energy and one lazy eye each, the partners divide their days among London, Luxembourg, and subzero Estonia, where Skype rolls out—with very little overhead and without that Silicon Valley chatter.

Zennström and Friis believe they have cracked the code that will rewire the planet, wirelessly.

The time for their Y meeting has arrived, and the two delegates march past the red Ferrari, parked flagrantly outside the door, and into the beach-street hotel.

Gray-haired conventioneers roam in suits the shade of gloom, taking stock of the future all around them. A few of the old industrialists wear the hands-free cords of their cell phones plugged into one ear and looped over the other, bringing a bar across the face like a football helmet's. Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis have traveled to France as part of their continuing effort to hijack the way the world communicates.

In 2000, these Internet radicals created Kazaa, the file-sharing company that helped sabotage the record industry.

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