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389 would prohibit the display of wild and exotic animal performers for public entertainment in New York City.Based on the intentional cruelty commonly inflicted on these animals to get them to perform on demand, the unnatural conditions in which these animals live and the lack of any meaningful educational or conservation value to these events, the ASPCA supports this proposed ban.It is important to note that the PAMTA will not affect the use of antibiotics to treat sick animals.Passage of the PAMTA is critical if we want to keep antibiotics working for human health.

They are confined in small cages or by short chains for 20 or more hours a day when not performing, and they live in environments that bear no semblance to their natural habitats. " When she licks them the jelly lubricates her digestive tract, which prevents hairballs from forming." Always check with your vet before trying anything new with your pet.

The manufactuer is voluntarily recalling the toy to retool it so that it is safe. 2-Failure to ensure that personnel were trained to perform experiments on animals.

For more information about the PIMPLE BALL with Bell, contact Haley Birk or Mr. 3- Failure to provide veterinary care and to observe animals daily.

During PETAs investigations, they discovered that IAMS metabolic studies, debarked many dogs, by surgically removing their voices.

These testing dogs are sad, depressed and alone in cages.

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