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'Planet Earth First' A few dozen protesters made their voices heard outside the conference center, calling the G20‘s policies "murderous." One protester told DW that he thought the whole G20 format was "just wrong." "The G20 are not representatives of the world.These issues should not be discussed by these governments." Greenpeace activists, traditionally seaworthy, set sail on the Rhine River and anchored just opposite the G20 venue.

"The United States will consider working with Russia where we can find areas of practical cooperation that will benefit the American people," Tillerson told journalists after the meeting, which had addressed conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and Afghanistan - not exactly the kind of clarification many had hoped for after weeks of uncertainty over how close the White House and Kremlin will be working together.

"In that context, it is especially crucial to strengthen the basis for trust among world leaders." She hoped that the G20 meeting would contribute to that, but was skeptical that Sigmar Gabriel, the newly appointed German foreign minister had succeeded in shifting the focus to other issues such as African development and climate change.

Gabriel stressed that the German G20 presidency did indeed view these as key issues for the group.

It seemed as if delegates from countries as different as South Africa and Saudi Arabia were all hoping that Tillerson would clarify what US foreign policy under President Trump will look like.

A business-like meeting with Lavrov Among the many meetings Tillerson had behind closed doors, one stood out in particular: the encounter he had with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

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