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The larger first- and second-class houses were built in the centre, close to the church and school, while the more numerous third-, fourth-, and fifth-class houses were built in the estate's outskirts.

Plumbe himself was quoted in 1896 as saying that "I regret that it is necessary to separate the richer and more cultured classes from the poorer, owing to the prejudices which exist; and these prejudices exist on the part of the poor as well as on the part of the other class".

A leading architect of the period, Plumbe had primarily been a designer of hospitals, such as the London Hospital, In April 1881, the Artizans Company inspected sites at Fulham and "in the vicinity of Alexandra Park" in the Tottenham Local Board.

The Artizans, Labourers & General Dwellings Company (Artizans Company) was established in 1867 by William Austin.

Varying mixes of red and yellow bricks, and variations in window design and ornamental motifs, were used to give each street a distinct identity.

The distribution of houses followed the traditional Victorian model of town planning.

During the development of the area in the 1880s the river was culverted and the land between the river and Lordship Lane built on.

The historic western boundary was the now-defunct Palace Gates Line of the Great Eastern Railway (GER), a short distance to the east of Wood Green High Road.

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