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Browne’s ideological construction of motherhood gains particular relevance when it is connected with the use of the dual and double addressee in his works.

As Maria Nikolajeva notes, “The ambivalence of address, based on asymmetrical power position, is inevitable” in children’s literature (, p. She distinguishes between double address, where the adult author addresses the adult reader “over the child’s head, sharing experience at the expense of the child” and dual address, “where the child and the adult co-reader are addressed on the same level, each in their own right” (Nikolajeva, , p. Browne’s potential to engage both children and adults is usually linked to the artistic allusions that permeate many of his pictures.

She has published books and articles on fairy-tale retellings and translations, and her current research focuses on the construction of adulthood in children’s literature and the genetic study of children’s books.

She focuses on the use of narratological perspective, visual point of view, and intertextual references to explain how an ideology of motherhood is evoked.

are more artistically complex and open-ended in their possible interpretations of the mother’s psyche.

In all four books, Browne’s mothers, especially in comparison to his fathers, are depicted with more responsibilities: the families rely on the mother’s presence and care for their coherence and emotional well-being.

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In that case, the mother becomes an explicitly intended reader of the book.

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