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Linda thinks that Julieta has a double personality. He asked Aris if he would be proud of a father who was a writer; does he think that "writers" are not worthy of admiration? "We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! " -- riberajoe Julieta finds Linda eating on the bed in the guest room during her "break." She yells at Linda for getting spots all over everything and takes her chips away. Polita is Audi’s biggest and most valuable supporter. I wonder why Audi has never thought of writing his storied down.She walks in and starts screeching and you hide the taser next to you and fire. She flops around on the floor like a fish out of water. They are currently breaking in the front seat of Fer’s new Mini-mobile. Why, with her boyfriend, driving around in her new car. And with that, she manages to turn the tables again and lay the guilt-trip on both parental units. Fer then makes her Premio-winning dramatic exit by racing up to her room in a phony fit of wounded dignity. She prays to gawd there won’t be any unfortunate consequences. “--They will fill your soul with regret and burden you.” Fer’s attitude softens a bit. My beanie can’t be adjusted any more than it already is! JJ says they haven’t declared themselves formally yet. "--These days a man has to take the initiative and be aggressive with women! ) Juanjo takes Mama at her word, though, and immediately goes up to Linda’s on his way out to play. Max insists that nothing happened if Fer says it didn’t and so she should trust Fer. He puts on his jacket to leave and Fer notices the gun he’s got tucked in the back of his belt She’s scared and this time it’s no act! ) She thinks back quickly and remembers leaving it in the bathroom. " JP is UH-OH-impactada and suddenly it looks like he needs to be the one confessing. I don't ever want you to see that lazy good-for-nothing hood [vago malviviente] you call a boyfriend ever again!! He catches a glimpse of the phone from the reflection in the mirror and grabs it out of her hands. But there are ways to get illegal guns, which is how criminals get them. Can't quite see him with elegant Fer, but who is looking for rationality. He's clearly the more tuned-in and realistic parent. How he dealt with Fony Fer was the best...absolute best!!! I only hope that Victoria does not negate things by letting Fony Fer get away with all that she has done.

She got pregnant several times and had miscarriages. She confesses that it was on the same day as her last miscarriage that she took Juan Pablo to the orphanage. One of the employee's walks in and breaks the spell. Aristóteles hugs him and tells him he is proud of him. Since she does not know how to mop a floor it is covered in soap bubbles. Julieta had her turn in handling the "Linda" situation. They are there to personally give Daniela an invitation to their wedding! She remembers Benjamín saying he will always remember her. Carvivlie, you have been blessed with a good, kind heart.Fer guffaws and says she never regrets anything she does. Fer gets on her high-horse and asks Vicki if she expects her to stay locked away in the house and become a bitter female like her? Nathy changes the subject to mention that Juanjo and Linda kissed last night and even discussed her getting a loan from him. "--I know what the young of this generation are like! Vicki says, well, he doesn’t know what it’s like to lose a child or the anguish a mother feels, nor the years of crying over their absence. (Viewerville has all its fingers and toes crossed that it’s a promise and not a threat.) He races out the door leaving Fer in Ruh-roh! Meanwhile, Max has made a visit to the orphanage to speak with the Mother Superior, apparently to get her to mediate for him with Maria. He admits she doesn’t but says that doesn’t stop him from loving Maria with all his heart. He's got plenty of weapons of his own to deal with Sra. A veiled woman walks in and takes her seat in the confessional. "--You have a very bad memory for voices, Padre." He wonders why and if he's supposed to know her. We saw each other a bit ago, but you knew me years ago and you shared very important moments in my life with me." Where? Maria says that Max came back, apologized, and forced her to kiss him. Getting a gun and threatening Scuzzy seems over the top as well. The one thing that I could never figure out in STu D was how everyone could be in shirt sleeves and Jose Miguel would be in some stifling hot chastity coat.Dawn has arrived at the Sandoval’s, but Fer still hasn’t. Fabian suggests that they start calling Fer’s guest list of friends to see if she spent the night with one of them. Papa looks stern and has him sit down, but instead of giving him a lecture on respectability he tells the kid to figure a way somehow to get the girl to marry him. t-eating grin that he spent the night with the brown-haired bombshell and that they even made love, Papa P doesn’t criticize Junior! She tells Max they knew Maria had a boyfriend but they never imagined he would be Sra. MS doesn’t know if he’s really being truthful since Maria has come crying to them many times because of all the lies he’s told her. (Guess Uni accidentally edited that nifty scene out, or my cable did.) She still loves him with all her heart despite everything and doesn't know how long she'll be able to stand the torture. At the same time, Fer's on the phone with Scuzzy and griping about being grounded. " Feddy hides around the pillar and thinks to himself that he is certain he stole it. Still, I like the Osvaldo character and the actor has grown on me. Do you remember one time when someone ripped it off him and you could see that FC had really been sweating under the coat? Maria Desinformada and her UGLY braids and the heels with socks...just has to go. It surprised me that Aris had never heard the story his father wrote, though. So much happened last night, I don't even know where to start. And the message Aris sent him, then the hug were so touching, but it seemed it wasn't enough for Audi.

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