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For this simple cipher, this will also immediately reveal the key.

(A more complex format-preserving cipher would typically yield a frequency distribution that looks a lot closer to uniform than normal data would.

The hacker tries and tries until eventually comes up with a message that has meaning and is no longer scrambled.

However say you use the one time pad technique to encrypt numeric values like dates, time, or just some numbers within a range like say numbers from 00000 - 10000 AND reuse the same key over and over.

The Encrypt operation is designed to encrypt data keys, but it is not frequently used.

The Generate Data Key and Generate Data Key Without Plaintext operations return encrypted data keys.

You might use this method when you are moving encrypted data to a new region and want to encrypt its data key with a CMK in the new region.

First is it even possible for someone to recognize that the result was encrypted?

The values all appear to be legitimate, real, non-scrambled values, just as the originals were (only displaced in time) If for some reason they figured out that the numeric values were encrypted, would they even be able to decrypt them to their original values?

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