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You said you wanted to create a physical product-based business the most, so we’ve found an expert that’s going to share with you exactly how to do that. At least, I was told that in college, that I wouldn’t be able to do what I do and make a living.So to find out more, you can go to I know that you must have entrepreneurial friends, other founders that you hang out with, learn from, share stories with. And so, I run a human behavior research lab here in Portland, Oregon. Vanessa: So I started the Science Of People in 2012, so it’s been about five years.Nathan: Hello and welcome to another episode of the “Foundr” podcast, guys.

So in this interview, I wanted to get some really helpful tips for situations that we all want to make a good impression in.

All right, if you are enjoying these episodes, please do take the time to leave us a review on i Tunes, Stitcher, Sound Cloud, Spotify. Please do them a favor and pass this podcast along. Nathan: So the first question that I ask for everyone that comes on is, how’d you get your job? And basically, it’s an excuse for me to ask invasively personal questions for my own amusement. I’ve read lots of research, I was doing a lot of science journalism before I started Science Of People. But before that, I was running passive income businesses.

It gives them the heads up that there is some good stuff there for them and they can learn from some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation. And I wondered, all these researchers spend years and years doing this research and they publish 20-page papers that get read by–if they’re lucky–100 people. So when I started the science of business, I was…I knew exactly the formula I needed to make it work, I just had to test out the niche. Vanessa: So when I was in college…my parents are both lawyers, bless their hearts.

If you listened to Episode 105, you remember her as the queen of human behavior.

So when previous podcast guest Vanessa Van Edwards told me she was coming out with a book, I was stoked to have her back on the show.

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