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, the hero Afzal accepts Farah’s rejection but her hold on him and his own dedication to that dream of love never ends.Similarly in Humsafar, Asher's sitting alone reading a newspaper a few years after Khirad has left makes it clear that he has not conveniently married Sara.

His hugely popular *Pyaray Afzal* and the autobiographical Sadkey Tumhare are bittersweet romances with unhappy endings.The measuring of looks, space, texture, light, the silence, the right words at the right time.All measured and timed to perfection.” He adds, “It is the creating of tension and then the sudden release from it.”One of the most unforgettable scenes from shows Hassan (Fawad Khan) and Bano (Sanam Baloch) searching the rooftops to catch a glimpse of one another.However, the scope for romance has slowly become more and more limited as male protagonists have become villains rather than heroes and our heroines have lost agency and sit weeping in corners, waiting to be rescued.In the past, marriage and a happy life were once the ending to a story of self-realisation, now the wedding vows mark the beginning of a torturous process of misunderstandings with betrayal lurking around every corner.

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The back and forth snappy dialogue between couples holds a wealth of implicit meaning that lays the foundation of their relationship.

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