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It’s been suggested by creative director Rex Dickson that next year will finally be the one where they get around to the franchise overhaul that’s so badly needed (a move that’s supposedly been delayed in order to sync franchise features with ), so what are the areas where Madden’s CFM simply doesn’t measure up?

It must be said that there are components of its foundation that are perfectly serviceable, with last year’s addition of Play The Moments providing a welcome ability to breeze through games quickly while still offering the user enough control to feel as if you have impacted the outcome.

When trying to place this year’s paltry CFM updates in order of importance, it becomes a little difficult to gauge which of them might actually excite fans the most.

As it is now, the main CFM menu will cycle through a few bland stories and tweets of what’s happening around the league.

The only problem is that these will often be at least a week behind and leave you confused as to why people in the league are still talking about that loss you had last week when you just finished winning a game.

We should be provided with a much more detailed weekly breakdown of who’s playing well, who’s not, notable injuries, league leaders, highlights from other games and bonus points if they can package all of this and more into some sort of in-game show.

Whether it’s Odell Beckham lacking a stat line for his 2016 season or a cornerback depth chart that sees #3 inexplicably left blank and then insists on listing multiple #3’s when you try to rectify the error — there’s certainly no shortage of annoying hiccups and oversights that could easily be fixed if only EA were willing to devote the time and resources to do so.

Aside from merely working out some of these persistent bugs, the real question facing EA when it comes to CFM is what they should really be focused on doing in order to significantly improve the mode going forward.

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