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Proving a person’s malintent is often impossible, but sometimes it helps to understand why bullies do what they do. While it is often very difficult to determine what motivates a bully’s behavior, aggression targeted at a coworker is never acceptable for any reason.

Here are some typical bullying behaviors that may be a sign that you’ve been a victim of bullying in the workplace.

forms of bullying, that is victimization in the form of threats, intimidation, humiliation, sabotage or verbal abuse.

Oftentimes, workplace bullying can encompass more subtle behavior, actions that are not clear-cut but are intended to belittle and make others feel inferior.

Intimidation tactics take many forms, but can be any action that results in making the target feel intimidated.

Aggression and Abuse Whether it happens on the playground or at work, bullying is a form of aggression and abuse.

In its recent 2014 survey, the institute found 27% of American workers have suffered abusive conduct, while another 21% have witnessed it.

Sadly, the organization also found that in cases of bullying, the target loses his or her job 82% of the time, whether it be by quitting or termination.

Sign #4: Criticism Criticism is an easy way to intimidate a person.

Constructive criticism is necessary in the workplace, but criticism that’s delivered with the intention of making a person feel threatened and intimidated is uncalled for.

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But this does not mean that if a coworker has acted aggressively toward you only once that you have not been bullied. A bully may single out a specific target or may bully more than one coworker, but bullies who act aggressively toward a majority of coworkers don’t usually get very far because groups have power in numbers.

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