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She became the youngest one to win the French open and at 17 she was the youngest player to top the charts.When Monica was playing against Steffi Graf in French open, one of the fans of Steffi graf stabbed Monica in her back resulting into 2 year long treatment of Post traumatic Stress Disorder. She recovered and returned to court to play tennis in 1995.Henin started the year as the 5th ranked player in the world but lost to Kim Clijsters in the semifinals of the Medibank International in Sydney.Henin's mother routinely took the young Henin across the border to France to watch the French Open.However, Golisano did bring more popularity to the Independence Party, giving it a place on the ballot in New York for the next four years.

He is also a founding member of the Independence Party of New York and, over three years, spent over million on campaigns to get elected, which he never was.Income Monica earned from her tennis matches and prize money ( million) until she took retirement. She had done various investments yielding her high rate of return every year.She did many brand endorsements for brands like Nike ( million deal), Yonex ( million deal).This fact, and also the difference in their ages, have sparked many comments on social media.In 1993, Seles suffered from an on-court stabbing when an obsessed fan of Steffi Graf stabbed Seles between her shoulder blades with a boning knife.

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