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Recently in these pages, Natasha Carty gave us her Favorite 90’s TV Couples.

At the same time, I was putting together this similar-but-not-actionable post, and I was somewhat surprised to discover that none of the star-crossed lovers on her list made mine.

However, the end of SG-1’s eighth season did give us reason to believe that things were going to develop very nicely off-screen, and while the Powers that Be have made it clear that they will never make it clear that Carter and her “Sir” have finally found a way to reconcile love and honor…

In the six seasons we have so far been monitoring these two for the least little sign of more-than-friends-iness—Booth, the heartfelt FBI superagent; Bones, the rational, internationally-renowned forensic anthropologist—their relationship has often teetered on the brink of something more; now, following the season-ending cliffhanger that had Brennan announcing her pregnancy, and Booth’s role in that, speculation is rife as to what this may mean going forward.

” adrenaline and more than one moment fraught with electricity and promise, they only ever kissed four other times over the course of the Stargate franchise’s proceeding years (once was with an alternate reality version of Sam; once was when locked in a timeloop, only ever to be recalled by Jack; once was a hallucination brought on by Sam’s concussion; and once was in yet another alternate reality).

The two danced around their attraction to each other for almost five seasons, trading witty barbs and meaningful glances in between the comical crime solving, all the while staying determinedly platonic—even going so far as to become involved with the occasional other (Rachael Leigh Cook, Nestor Carbonell, etc.). “When you’re burned,” he says in his opening voiceover, “you’ve got nothing: no cash, no credit, no job history.

(Although, some of them do appear on this post’s little sister, My Top 10 Tempestuous TV Teenage Couples, coming soon. ) My Favorite ’90s couples, it seems—at least, my grown up ones—run a little differently…

Here they are, along with a bunch from almost every other decade of television: 10.

Dedicated but exiled through no fault of her own, Aeryn was forced to throw in her lot with Crichton and his fugitive cohorts about the living ship, Moya, and between eluding capture and battling pirates and provisioning themselves and meeting new and interesting aliens— and even vacationing on Earth for a bit—the two unlikely friends became somewhat less unlikely lovers…

That was involving an identical clone version of Crichton which meant, oh no!

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