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This channel is very recent and has around 22 videos with around 18K subscribers till now. With her natural beauty she has won several hearts.

She has also been gaining plenty of subscribers on her vlog channel called ‘Arden Vlogs’ where she has uploaded around 78 vlogs and has over 98K subscribers. She has even published a book named ‘Almost Adulting’ which will be available in stores in March 2017. In fact, she has helped many women deal with physical acceptance and young girls deal with the turmoil of adolescence and given them advice.

They were just friends until they fell in love and began dating.

However, Arden had to relocate for college and owing to the challenges of a long distance relationship, they broke up.

Popular You Tube personality known for her comedy videos as well as her makeup tutorial and advice videos.

She first created her You Tube channel on November 8th, 2008 but didn't post her first video until August 3, 2009.

Every time someone subscribed to her channel, it helped her build confidence.

Most of her videos draw content from her personal experiences.Her most popular video called ‘Jenn XPenn Is Pregnant?! After Kennedy began her own channel, Arden too thought of creating one.’—where she along with her You Tube friends make prank calls to common friends—hasearned her over 3.3 million views Arden first took to You Tube in high school. In 2008, she created her channel, but posted her own videos only in 2009. Arden being of a more reserved nature, found happiness in You Tube.She is also an animal lover and is warm and caring towards people around her. Since she is fond of her brother, she grew up playing plenty of video games with him. She loves travelling and can speak fluently in French. She is closest to her brother and admired him all through her childhood and even today.She also loves reading, and recalls her favorite childhood book to be ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ She is terrified of worms and hates any form of parasites. Whilegrowing up she was a tomboy and therefore didn’t fit in with the regular girls of her class, who spent most of their time talking about makeup and boys.

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