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Judge Desmond Zaidan said of the boy: “Someone has to guide him and be firm, someone has to give him love.His parents have let him down.” Judge Zaidan also read from a report which said the accused suffers from a borderline personality disorder which affects his intellect and has a “profound effect on his vulnerability to a negative peer group”.Another violent rape of a young girl on a moving bus in Delhi caused global outrage in December 2012 – one of the rapists has already been released after he served time in a juvenile detention facility.A teenager in Ireland who had consensual sex with a female the same age as him is reportedly facing charges of statutory rape.

India has fallen under scrutiny for the lack of protection for women, particularly on public transport.Domestic abuse is even more widespread, affecting 40% of married women between the ages of 15 and 49, and 70% of child brides, according to government statistics cited by Reuters.A group of Indian army personnel gang reportedly raped a 14-year-old girl on a train after forcing her to drink alcohol and following her to the toilet.India’s age of consent is 18 and child marriage is illegal, but the practice persists in many parts of the country.According to Girls Not Brides — a coalition of NGOs working to end child marriage — 47% of Indian girls are married by the age of 18.

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"I was drugged, I was very groggy, there were lots of people with guns, lots of young guys laughing and talking," she said.

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