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Like I already said, you can use https://github.com/gozora/rear, I'm pretty sure it will work just fine with your current MATE setup (it will however fail if you use it with older XFS version resp. I can't tell you if this exact code will (and when) be pushed to upstream.

See comment, but I'm currently working on XFS code that should work with old and new XFS versions just fine.

| | | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- You can use 'chroot /mnt/local bash --login' to access the recovered system. Sounds like not many rear users use XFS if nobody else has reported this. I've setup similar configuration on Ubuntu Mate like you had, but with one small change.

Please remember to mount /proc before trying to install a boot loader. I thought it might be more popular thanks to it being the default in RHEL/Cent OS 7 and its much faster fsck times vs ext4 but I suppose most distros default to ext4 still and most people stick with the defaults. Anyhow, I'd need to dig a bit deeper into XFS and its options as that would be probably the key. I've created separate /boot partition with ext3 and Rea R worked as charm.

grub-install: warning: cannot open directory `/usr/share/locale': No such file or directory. chroot: failed to run command 'grub2-install': No such file or directory ...


But as today is Friday evening I'd need to finish a beer or two first ;-) and will continue to work on this tomorrow. I've managed to write a patch so if you don't like idea with separate /boot you can In case of Ubuntu MATE $uuid is really used, so xfs_admin sets UUID right after filesystem is created. However once you have XFS Self-Describing Metadata enabled (crc=1), you will get incompatible flag set (this should in general avoid older kernels to mount this filesystem).

With this flag set ### Use xfs_admin to set uuid # xfs_admin -U 2d65defa-2593-4542-b293-26cd93f82711 /dev/sda1 Clearing log and setting UUID writing all SBs new UUID = 2d65defa-2593-4542-b293-26cd93f82711 ### Flag is now set and grub-probe (resp grub-install) can't recognize filesystem type # grub-probe -d /dev/sda1 grub-probe: error: unknown filesystem.

I'd like to ask users in Rea R community who are actively using XFS, if added to Everything seemed to be working until rear had finished recovering my MATE 16.04 install and it said it would not boot because it hadn't installed a bootloader because there was no code for installing GRUB for Ubuntu 16.04 i386.The main problem here is that rear incorrectly detected a 64 bit Ubuntu distro as being i386 but I'm surprised rear doesn't support installing GRUB for Ubuntu 16.04 i386 / 32 bit!I was disappointed with MATE 16.04 so I'm going back to Arch.I hope rear supports installing grub / doing a complete recovery under both 32 and 64 bit Arch? I've already installed Arch on the laptop I was testing rear / Ubuntu MATE with but I'm willing to give it another go if you think we can fix it, even if I don't want to use Ubuntu (MATE) 16.04 any more. I think you want me to restore my MATE recovery, manually fix grub to get it to boot and then run , right?

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