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Improved: Better recognition of audio and subitle languages. Fixed: Duplicate devices begin added into Media Devices dialog.Fixed: Content rating restrictions not applied correctly when pushing files using Mezzmo Android app.Improved: Changing video resolution in web video player. Improved: Detection of cover.jpg/and front.jpg/for music artwork. Fixed: Crash when reading non-compliant UPn P / DLNA description from certain devices. New: Support for HTTPS web streaming using NGINX as a reverse proxy. Improved: Support for MP2 and h.264 formats for LG TV 2013 models.Improved: Better HLS video on-the-fly transcoding and streaming. Fixed: Deleting HLS segment before streaming to device.The technology that is both the foundation and context of modern society is the result of these actions.Not everyone can see beyond the paradigms that rule our current experiences, however.Many people see this paradigm and the associated unnatural bowed head, swiping, tapping and zooming means of interaction as something that's here to stay.

If I say today phones might eventually be glasses-shaped computers we wear on our faces, I'll be mocked. Call telephony-enabled smartglasses a sci-fi fantasy. But remember, sci-fi has an uncanny knack at becoming reality.New device profiles are added to Mezzmo as soon as they pass testing. New: Fast hardware acceleration when transcoding videos.Take advantage of your Nvidia NVENC-enabled graphic card, Intel Quick Sync-enabled CPU and Microsoft Direct3D-enabled graphics card.We test many different types of media files, including movies, TV shows, 3D video, HD video, music, photos and much more.We regularly receive UPn P and DLNA devices from manufacturers for compatibility testing to ensure Mezzmo streams perfectly with their new UPn P and DLNA devices.

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He sees mixed reality, the spectrum from AR to virtual reality (VR), as becoming mainstream, emerging from the current paradigm of highly mobile computing and becoming the next personal computing and communication model.

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